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In an industrial market that continues to grow rapidly, Reeves Young Industrial empowers its clients by providing a fully integrated team of construction professionals with self-perform capabilities and the technical expertise to deliver projects quickly, safely, and with quality to meet ever-increasing market demand.

Little Board, Big Impact

Maintaining a positive mental attitude can be tough, particularly when the news around us is geared toward only the terrible things going on in the world. It’s often difficult to flush the stories, the worries, the images you’ve seen before you go to bed at night. Sometimes those stresses can carry into the next day, and maybe they walk right into your place of work with you.

At Reeves Young, there is a little board on the second floor of our office that makes a big impact.Every week it holds an inspirational message for our employees. Sometimes it’s something as simple as “DON’T QUIT” or “Believe in yourself and keep going”. They can also be lighthearted and fun -things like “It’s okay if you fall apart sometimes -tacos fall apart and we still love them” or “Whatever you’re doing today, do it with the confidence of a 4-year-old in a BATMAN t-shirt”.

Our team understands the need for lightheartedness and fun when everything else in the world seems heavy and sad. We do what we can to build each other up so that we can all do our jobs better, be better partners, parents, and friends. Sometimes it’s doing the small things -random acts of kindness, quotes on a board, making a difference in our daily spheres of influence -that have the biggest impact.


Human Resources – On the Move

The Human Resources team at Reeves Young is always sad to say goodbye to our newly hired employees when their onboarding is through –so much so that we just may follow them to their jobsite! Our team enjoys visiting our field staff on their projects to learn more about the work that our crews are completing each day. Through a diverse array of projects across the Heavy Civil, Water Resources, and Commercial Divisions, the Human Resources team has been able to expand their knowledge of our industry to better track, recruit, and retain top talent. In return, these visits allow our HR team to provide hands on assistance to our field staff who otherwise may not spend much time in the office.


It’s an important value at Reeves Young to maintain the relationship between our office support staff and our field staff who keep us moving forward each and every day! Open lines of communication allow us to better serve our employee population and anticipate challenges that our employees may face throughout the year. We are excited for our upcoming visits and appreciate the time taken by our Field Supervision staff to conduct Safety Orientation and a thorough tour of each site.


Bring your Child to Work Day 2020

Reeves Young hosted it’s 2nd annual Bring Your Child To Work Day on June 12th, 2020. Our office employees were able to bring their children to the office for a day full of Safari fun. The most exciting part of the day was definitely the visit from our local Reptile Man. The RY kids were allowed to “two-finger touch” several different turtles, lizards, snakes, and frogs. The reptile man kept the attention of the curious kids for over an hour and a half. In between playing with the reptiles and creating safari-themed crafts, the children were able to bounce and play on a huge water slide.



We also had some not so conventional “children” visit on this day. Several of our employees brought in their own exotic reptiles to roam the office. Crush the African Sulcata Tortoise is owned by Rebecca Meade in our Marketing Department. With a life expectancy of 100+ years, Crush enjoyed walking around the office and eating strawberries with some fellow Reeves Young Children.

Village Park Expansion I 100 Days to Completion

As a company, we have learnedthat it is important to celebrate the big milestones in a project, like Ground breakings and Grand Openings. However, the smaller milestones are sometimes just as important and rewarding. The Village Park Expansion Project involved the addition of 95,000sf, 4-stories, and 63 units to the Senior Living Facility located on Morris Road in Alpharetta, Georgia. This is the third Village Park Project that the Reeves Young Team has been involved in.

On July 17th, our team at Village Park celebrated being only 100 days out from completion of the expansion. The event gives the project team, subcontractors, partners, and owners the opportunity to gather and relish in this milestone. A Local barbeque restaurant (The Loyal Q and Brew) provided the catering for the event. The most exciting part of the event for our project team is the raffle that occurs at the end of the party. From Yeti Coolers to new Drill sets the raffle items are always a hit and a great reward for our hard-workingcrews.

Brain Food For Breakfast I Tasty Thursday

On Thursday, July 9th, we kicked off our 2020 Wellness Program with a Brain Food for Breakfast Event, hosted by our Wellness Team who served up a variety of items to get our staff going! Made to order eggs and pancakes, fresh fruits, yogurt parfaits and more were enjoyed while our Wellness Coordinator, Stephanie Smith, gathered feedback from attendees regarding how they would like to see our Wellness program promote healthy habits and mindfulness in the workplace.

Just a few weeks later, The Wellness Team held their second event of the year –Tasty Thursday, serving up fresh smoothies! Four different smoothies were offered, and Mellow Mango was the favorite among our staff. Smoothies are a delicious, fun, and healthysnack that we are happy to provide to our team –they are also fun to make (a little messy too!) Stay tuned to find out what Tasty Thursday brings next month!

Intern Outing – TopGolf 2020

This year’s intern outing was hosted at TopGolf in Alpharetta, Georgia. Every year our intern coordinator Stephanie Smith plans an outing that allows our interns the opportunity to interact with supervisors and other RY staff to share the experience and knowledge that they have acquired during the summer intern program. This year, everyone in attendance was able to enjoy complimentary food, beverages, and tons of golf.



Family Day 2020

Every year during the peak summer sun, Reeves Young hosts an event at Lake Lanier Islands Resort. Every employee is invited to bring their family to Lake Lanier for a fun filled afternoon. Employees and their families are treated to free tickets to the water park, catered lunch, and free Reeves Young swag and attire. Although this year was a little different, we still had almost 400 attendees! Our tables were socially distanced from one another and all of our servers and work staff were encouraged to wear masks. It was a great event and everyone had a great time.