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By anticipating needs and seeing challenges as opportunities, the leadership of Reeves Young has built iconic projects throughout the Southeast – projects that support thriving communities with commerce, lifestyle, culture, water resources, public safety, education, faith and recreation facilities. As experts in technically complex site and infrastructure work, water treatment and multi-level vertical construction, our team’s diverse experience offers unparalleled project insight and the unique ability to collaborate successfully with distinct user groups.

Dean Reeves


Dean spent his breaks from college at Georgia Institute of Technology learning the family business and quickly became the building industry’s go-to resource for technically challenging, high-risk infrastructure and heavy civil projects. He has drawn from that deep foundation of experience to position Reeves Young to self-perform all aspects of site development and infrastructure work. He has continued his family’s legacy of building projects through relationships through trust and accountability.


Eric Young

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Young is a renowned construction and legacy business creator who instills powerful, customized entrepreneurial solutions to every client. A highly sought-after resource for Fortune 500 clients by age 26, Eric has led the construction of many landmark projects in the Southeast. Since forming Reeves Young in 2006, his enigmatic and powerful leadership style has constantly enabled the company to evolve and exceed its own projections. During the last 16 years with Mr. Young as CEO, the company has grown from 14 employees to over 460 and is projected to achieve the $1 billion dollar volume benchmark by the end of this year.


Steve Heyward

Chief Operating Officer

Steve Heyward utilizes his over 30 years of operations experience to lead people to do more with less expertise. He is significantly involved in the company’s preconstruction efforts, including pre-planning, design reviews, cost analysis, final pricing, and Subcontractor selection. His talent for analyzing complexities and using a collaborative approach has enabled him to guide owners seamlessly through development and construction. It has proved invaluable to Reeves Young’s projects and clients.


Kyle Krejci

Chief Financial Officer

Kyle Krejci is a seasoned financial manager and accounting professional with more than 22 years of experience in the construction industry. Kyle’s expertise involves managing all aspects of the Company’s fiscal practices, including budgeting and financial reporting. His role includes overseeing all financial performance, operational management, internal controls, and quality review. Kyle’s organizational skills and attention to detail, combined with his industry experience, ensure that he adds value to every Reeves Young project.


Chad Mcleod

President, Business Unit Leader – Commercial Public

Chad McLeod began his career over 20 years ago in construction project management. His unique foundation in civil engineering, combined with his experience in key positions such as Director of Construction and Director of Finance, enables him to see the bigger picture of a project and not miss the smallest details to execute it successfully. Chad offers Reeves Young’s clients and their projects a level of personal attention and technical expertise unparalleled in the industry.


William Reeves

Executive Vice President, Business Unit Leader – Heavy Civil

William Reeves represents the third generation of Reeves leadership for the Company and is committed to continuing the solid industry relationships his family has established. Frequently performing work as both a Subcontractor and Prime Contractor, William is equally versed in the Preconstruction and Construction phases of projects. He is also involved with the daily oversight and coordination of his project teams.


Matt McCormack

Senior Vice President, Business Unit Leader – Water Resources

Matt McCormack is adept in all components of successful delivery for large water projects and is a pioneer in alternative delivery procurement. His 30 years of experience in the industry is marked by the successful completion of a multitude of water/wastewater projects totaling over $1 billion in revenue. Matt is a direct and energizing leader and forms strategic partnerships and engaged teams that work together toward a unified goal, benefiting everyone involved in his projects.


Stephen McMillan

Vice President, Business Unit Leader – Industrial

Stephen is a proven leader providing expertise in all aspects of project management, including preconstruction, design-assist, design-build, field and office operations, and the commissioning/startup of industrial, manufacturing, commercial, and office projects. He has extensive experience designing and implementing mechanical systems applications and expertise in heavy industrial, manufacturing, assembly, logistics, and office projects. Stephen’s time-tested principles, strategies, tactics, and best practices deliver successful projects for his clients.


Ty Kelley

Vice President of Preconstruction

Ty has a distinguished 14-year career dedicated to a proven preconstruction process. He is diligent and detail-oriented and excels at managing and assessing subcontractor bids for clients through an open-book approach. He is also responsible for accurately steering value management from inception to culmination during the preconstruction phase. He is entrusted with developing project cost certainty for all Reeves Young clients.


Celebrating Our Past

To know where you want to go, you need to know where you have been. Reeves Young has a rich history of successfully completing complex projects and continuously improving, which has allowed us to have longevity in business and relationships.