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In an industrial market that continues to grow rapidly, Reeves Young Industrial empowers its clients by providing a fully integrated team of construction professionals with self-perform capabilities and the technical expertise to deliver projects quickly, safely, and with quality to meet ever-increasing market demand.

Chattanooga Wet Weather CSS

This highly complex project for the City of Chattanooga involves the construction of three 10 million gallon, pre-stressed, concrete storage tanks, one cast-in-place 40 MGD pump station including four 10 MGD submersible pumps, and one cast-in-place diversion structure incorporating an existing 84” gravity sewer, two carbon absorption odor control units, one electrical building including switchgear, VFDs, 600 KW standby generator, automatic transfer switch, restrooms, and HVAC units. The project also includes construction of a cast-in-place valve and flow meter vaults and two retaining walls. Installation of buried and above ground piping ranging in size from 8” to 54” diameter was also required on the site, including 680 LF of 36” diameter force main pipe, as well as micropiles for construction. Replacement of electrical gear at the existing Influent Relief Pump Station was also required. Modifications will also be made to the existing West Bank Outfall, including demolition and a new metal weir box.

Dupont Pump Station

Reeves Young was selected as the General Contractor for the construction of one cast-in-place diversion structure and one cast-in-place 22MGD wet-weather pump station including 4 submersible pumps, CMU electrical building including switchgear, VFDs, 1250 kW diesel generator, instrumentation and controls, HVAC units, odor control systems for the new structures, and yard piping including two aerial crossings. The project also included site clearing, grubbing, earthwork, paving, chain link fencing, segmental retaining wall, and bioretention area. It also included the construction of a new prefabricated precast concrete restroom building, including grading, concrete sidewalk, and PVC plumbing and replacement of existing 8’x8’ concrete floats and associated timbers on a concrete floating dock.

South Cobb Pump Station

Reeves Young was chosen as the General Contractor for the rehabilitation of an existing wastewater pump station that was flooded with raw sewage, leaving it inoperable. The project involved cleaning the 200’ influent lift station, removing and replacing submerged mechanical, structural, and electrical components, and testing and recommissioning the Station. The pump station is underground, approximately 100’ in diameter, and extends approximately 204’ below grade. The lift station has a concentric cylinder configuration with the inner circle functioning as the wet well and the dry well occupying the annular space between the outer cylinder and the wet well exterior wall.

Gibson Creek Equalization Facility

Reeves Young was selected as the General Contractor for the construction of a 10-million-gallon pre-stressed concrete tank and a 22-million-gallon per day pump station. The storage tank is utilized when sewer flows exceed the capacity of the existing sewer system. The peak flows are stored until the flows in the system recede, and the stored volume can be conveyed through the system to treatment.

Johnson Creek Pump Station

Reeves Young provided construction services for this new, 10 MGD sewage pump station which also required an expedited schedule due to a consent order from the Georgia Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division. The project included placement of approximately 5,000 CY of cast-in-place concrete, rock excavation, and a 48” gravity sewer. Installed equipment included submersible pumps, slide gates, odor control system, and a 5-ton bridge crane.

Lithonia Pump Station No. 1

This project was a fast-track design-build for a 10 MGD pump station. It included a 30-foot excavation in solid rock; 5,000 CY of cast-in-place concrete, 30,000 CY of rock excavation, and 3,000 LF of pipe. The project required work performed in multiple shifts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Equipment included submersible pumps, chopper pumps, slide gates, an odor control system, and a magnesium hydraulic feed system. A temporary bypass of the existing facility also was required for the duration of the project.