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Our Friend Christopher Volleyball Tournament

Saturday, June 11th, Our Friend Christopher hosted a charity event – a volleyball tournament! Reeves Young was fortunate to be a sponsor of such an amazing event. The Board of OFC prepared lunch for all the participants, while a few other extra helpers grilled the rest of lunch for several hours. It was very clear how many people loved Chris Miles and how many lives he touched. You should’ve seen how hard people fought for that trophy! In the end, a group of some of Chris’ best friends won the big trophy. A balloon release was held after awards were handed out. Ninety-two balloons to be exact. This was Chris Miles’ number he always used in sports – one that North Gwinnett officially retired. OFC planned an outstanding event and they raised $15,000. Thank you to those who took time out of their day to support an outstanding cause.

To learn more about Christopher’s journey and the OFC Foundation, click here.