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In an industrial market that continues to grow rapidly, Reeves Young Industrial empowers its clients by providing a fully integrated team of construction professionals with self-perform capabilities and the technical expertise to deliver projects quickly, safely, and with quality to meet ever-increasing market demand.

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A Day in the Life: Preconstruction Manager

Charlie Whiting has been with Reeves Young since 2011 and is currently a Preconstruction + Program Manager. However, he did not follow a straight path to get to this point. Whiting worked solely in Preconstruction from 2011-2016. Then, he moved out into the field as an Assistant Project Manager and an Owner’s Representative (or Program Manager) after transferring from the commercial side of the firm when it was known as Potts. An owner’s repworks on behalf of the developer to manage the design team and theGeneral Contractor. Whiting was the owner’s rep for the Hyatt House in Nashville. However, over time he slowly phased out of this role and found his way back to preconstruction.

Right now, Whiting is currently working on the City Hall Complex in Conyers, GA (a special project since this is his hometown), two hotel towers for the Atlantic Station Dual Brand project, the Hyatt Centric at Lenox Mall, the Chamblee Police Headquarters, and the Hyatt Place project in Atlanta.

One thing that we regularly hear around the office is preconstruction employees calling subcontractors. But, what does that mean exactly? Reeves Young subcontracts various project work, such as flooring and electricity, to other firms. For example, we willsubcontract a group to pour concrete for us instead of pouring it ourselves since we do not necessarily have the necessary equipment in-house to do so. Not only does this allow us to get the project done faster, but it also helps with the pricing aspect of the preconstruction process.

Whiting enjoys working at Reeves Young for its high energy, project exposure, and fast pace. However, Whiting stated that what really sets Reeves Young apart from other contractor’s is that it is a really fun place to work.“Everybody works hard and has a ton of stuff to do in this industry, but Reeves Young has found good people to do it with by identifying what our culture is and trying to foster that in our environment as we continue to bring on new members,” exclaimed Whiting.