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Johnson Ferry Dam

For this highly technical dam rehabilitation project, the Reeves Young team had to drain Maddox Lake in order to install a diversion ditch. The project also required breaching the dam in order to install an outlet control structure as well as a 60” reinforced concrete pipe. The project was challenging due to existing dirt and rock conditions, which required improvising with different crane mats in order to get heavy equipment to the areas that needed repairs.

Atlanta Water Supply – Bellwood Quarry

Reeves Young is providing the site work to support the creation of a five-mile tunnel from the Chattahoochee River to the Bellwood Quarry. The tunnel will send 2.4 billion gallons of water to the quarry – enough to supply the city for 30 days. The tunnel will also connect the quarry to the Hemphill Water Treatment Plant. Reeves Young’s heavy civil scope includes a 3,800 SF permanent soil nail wall, 3,500 SF modular block walls, and 48 16″  diameter auger cast piles varying in length from 29-38 ft. Site utilities include 1,300 LF of 36″ ductile iron pipe; 3,000 LF of waterline up to 8” in diameter; 1,500 LF of sanitary sewer; 3,700 LF of reinforced concrete pipe up to 24” in diameter & high-density polyethylene storm sewer. Scope includes pump station yard piping with 36”-48” ductile iron pipe and 140 LF of  84″ fiberglass reinforced epoxy pipe. Site finishes include 12,000 SY of asphalt paving; 12,700 SF of permeable concrete paving; 6,500 LF curb & gutter; 13,000 SF concrete flatwork and a rainwater harvesting pond. After the quarry project is completed, the city and the Atlanta Beltline plan to build a massive park in the area.

Atlanta Country Club Lake Dam

This project for Atlanta Country Club involved providing turnkey site work services in order to make upgrades to the existing dam. Reeves Young provided services including erosion control, earthwork, and utility installation.