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In an industrial market that continues to grow rapidly, Reeves Young Industrial empowers its clients by providing a fully integrated team of construction professionals with self-perform capabilities and the technical expertise to deliver projects quickly, safely, and with quality to meet ever-increasing market demand.

Centennial Olympic Park

Project Scope

This multi-phase project upgraded the park’s amenities and included the demolition and replacement of the existing amphitheater and a new multi-use event facility. The amphitheater was revamped, adding new seating, shade structures, and technology upgrades providing a modern look to the theater, as well as expansion to accommodate larger audiences at the venue. The landscaped park area was expanded to include the installation of several new Olympic features on the West Lawns including a sports promenade highlighting various Olympic disciplines. Andrew Young International Boulevard was raised throughout the park to meet the pedestrian level. This also connected both sides of the park allowing the addition of an interactive Olympic Ring feature at the entrance at Centennial Olympic Park Drive. The park received a new entrance and a new water feature. 


Atlanta, Georgia


Georgia World Congress Center Authority

How do you complete a project that makes a big impact through a process that makes a very small one?

Challenge Faced

Reeves Young faced multiple challenges on this project due to its location – a busy, metropolitan area, with high visibility, and major significance to a communityThe first challenge was that our work would be performed while other GWCCA events were happening. This means that the entire park remained open during the renovation, and only the portions we were working on would be shut down.  

Also due to the location, our team knew there would be some unknown conditions found once excavation began on the project. For example, based on the information provided, the Engineer on the project was unable to determine how the existing stormwater system worked, and showed an entirely new system in the plans rather than using the existing system.  

One last challenge was the tight schedule required due to the impending Super Bowl being held at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium. The park renovations had to be completed in time for the event as the entire park would be utilized for celebrations and performances related to the big game. 

Solution Provided

Throughout construction, Reeves Young communicated and planned directly with several GWCCA personnel to ensure that all our work was coordinated safely around their planned events so that there was no impact on the event or the community attending. This approach allowed GWCCA to continue to generate revenue while the park was being renovated, and our team celebrated its completion with zero incidents reported.  

Reeves Young also understood the major cost impact of installing a brand-new stormwater system, so extensive investigation work on the existing system was performed to determine how it was operating. Once that was completed, Reeves Young and the Engineer determined that the existing system could be utilized, saving a substantial amount of cost to the project. Those savings were then applied to enhance other parts of the project that would not have been possible previously. 

To meet the schedule demands of the project, Reeves Young procured and expedited several project materials including pavers, granite curbing, granite stone, Olympic rings monument, etc., to ensure that we finished not just on time, but ahead of schedule. 



80,000 + sf of new sod

100,000 + sf of new pavers

1800 + lf of new special finish sidewalks

Centennial Olympic Park

From the start, Reeves Young understood the high-profile nature of our project. They understood the key elements which would stand out in the memories of our world-wide visitors and worked diligently to ensure they could be produced within our budget. Reeves Young worked for hand in hand with the designers throughout the project to ensure we had accurate, detailed information as design decisions were being considered. Their contributions ensured efficient construction processes, and well-spent resources which resulted in the user experience we expected within the allocated budget. Time and again they demonstrated their willingness to dig deep into the details and do footwork above and beyond what was expected.

- Jeff Oden Director of Project and Program Management I Georgia World Congress Center Authority