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Historic Fourth Ward – Atlanta BeltLine

The Atlanta BeltLine project is the most comprehensive transportation and economic development effort ever undertaken in the city of Atlanta and is among the largest, most wide-ranging urban redevelopment programs in the United States. As General Contractor, Reeves Young developed significant pieces of one of the most visible components to the project — the 17-acre, multiactivity Historic Fourth Ward Park. Work completed included building the recirculating stream, a splash pad, waterfalls, amphitheater/plaza, and restroom facilities on the five-acre south parcel as well as the large outdoor trellis, event lawn, and sculpture garden on the north parcel. Reeves Young also built the third parcel, which includes Atlanta’s first public skate park, with over 15,000 SF of bowls, curbs, and smooth rolling concrete mounds. The parcel also includes a sports field, a shade trellis topped with solar panels, and public restroom facilities.


Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta BeltLine Inc.

17 acres

15,000 sq. ft. of bowls, curbs, and smooth rolling concrete mound

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