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In an industrial market that continues to grow rapidly, Reeves Young Industrial empowers its clients by providing a fully integrated team of construction professionals with self-perform capabilities and the technical expertise to deliver projects quickly, safely, and with quality to meet ever-increasing market demand.


Subcontractor Qualification Form

Reeves Young, LLC is hereby requesting information indicating your company’s corporate history, growth, resources, form of ownership, litigation history, financials, etc. The purpose of this document is to provide such information to enable your company and ours to partner together in future successful projects. Supplemental information and/or literature pursuant to your company is acceptable in addition to this document, but not in lieu of.

As you fill in the requested information, please place emphasis on legibility, completeness, relevance, and clarity of content.

    General Company Information

    Please list your Insurance Agency:

    E-VERIFY: What is your company’s Federal Work Authorization User Identification No.

    Please list your current Bonding Agency information:
    BONDING: 100% Payment and Performance Bonds may be requested and / or required. In the event said bonds are requested, company must have sufficient bonding capacity for anticipated total cost of work. If your company is capable of providing bonds, please complete the section below information

    Please attach the following:

    Please answer the following:

    I hereby acknowledge all information provided on this document as provided throughout is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and therefore, understand that my company will be evaluated based on that information.

    Reeves Young, LLCreserves the right to deem my company qualified or disqualified as a bidder for this project based on the information provided as a result of this document.

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