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2020 Virtual Intern Expo

As a Reeves Young Intern, the end of summer means competing in the Intern Expo. The Intern Expo is an opportunity to share your experience and what you’ve learned as an RY Intern with the rest of the company and compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The winners are then voted on by RY full-time office staff. The Expo functions as a final send off for the many interns who leave Reeves Young to return to their schools for the fall.


This year, the Expo was transitioned into a virtual setting due to Covid-19 and safety precautions taken by Reeves Young. As the setting changed for the competition, the tactics and approaches used to win were also shifted. PowerPoint presentations and/or online graphics were an alternative way to deliver final projects this year. It was a challenging learning curve to get information across without verbal communication and in-person presentations, but also very rewarding as it taught interns how to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.