Third Annual Intern Outing

On June 21, 2019, all Reeves Young interns and supervisors were invited to attend this year’s Third Annual Intern Outing at Top Golf, a driving range in Alpharetta, Ga.

Upon arrival, employees were greeted and directed through the lobby onto the second level. There, Reeves Young had reserved seven driving lanes and provided complimentary food and drinks for all who attended. The menu included everything from chicken and ribs to mac n’ cheese and biscuits. Of course, cookies were provided at the end of the buffet line too. It was delicious!

After everyone had eaten, the friendly competitions began. Some people focused on technique while others turned their attention toward the far net for distance practice and played games with the accompanied TV screen.


Although golf looks simple, there are elements of precision and timing that are often overlooked in a swing. Ultimately, the goal of every golfer is to drive distance and accuracy. But, how does one do that? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you head over to the range:

  1. Determine the best grip according to preference
  2. Widen your stance
  3. Practice good posture
  4. Turn your head in the back swing
  5. Keep your left arm straight
  6. Hold your finish
Trevor Flatter, a Preconstruction Intern, drives the golf ball off the platform at Top Golf. Play this video at full-screen. (Video/Emma Toland,

Overall, fun was had by all, lessons were taught to those less inclined to golf, and it was a beautiful day to celebrate our interns and the relationships we have built together. Our annual Intern Outing was another success and we are already looking forward to next year!

First Annual Bring Your Child to Work Day Luau

Reeves Young hosted our first annual Bring Your Child to Work Day Luau in the office on Friday, June 14. The day was filled with crafts, watching Moana, eating nautical nuggets, drawing chalk art, riding water slides, and more!

Our Human Resources department put their creativity to the test as they prepared for the upcoming fun. Over 30 employees brought their kiddos to work as we celebrated our families and the office we work in. Morgan Collette, Savannah Bell, and the rest of HR was able to transform the space into a tropical paradise. Everything from photo booths and painted pineapples to hula skirts and beach balls filled the space as our employees celebrated with friends and family.

The transformation of the office into a tropical paradise. Play this video at full-screen. (Video/Emma Toland,

The HR department was not the only one to get in on the fun though! The Marketing and Business Development team transformed their space into Club Sugar Rush, a Candy Bar open all day (for kids, that is)! With little time to spare, the team was able to collaborate, compile, and create a space just for kids on the day of the luau for a sweet escape.

The Candy Bar was decked out with streamers, a disco ball, names of all the kids on the walls, a playlist that could get any kid moving, Capri Sun, candy bags, and a 24-hour loop of Fortnite dances on the TV monitor. It was a blast and a memory the kids (and marketing department) will remember for a long time!

At the end of the day, the Reeves Young Family enjoyed the warm sun as kids rode down the water slide, decorated the sidewalks with original art, and tossed a football in the field. Everyone big and small had a blast and we are already looking forward to future Bring Your Child to Work Days to come!

Kids race down the water slide after a morning of fun. Play this video at full-screen. (Video/Emma Toland,