Water Reuse

It’s time to think differently. Wastewater is a precious commodity. Capture it, treat it, use it as process make-up water for heating and cooling, flushing and irrigation and save millions-of gallons and dollars. Water reuse technology creates a sustainable water resource that will change your bottom line-saving millions of dollars in operations costs.

The only builder in the country of The Waterhub — a bio-engineered, attractive, odor-free, sustainable on-site wastewater recycling system, Reeves Young provides your organization the opportunity for significant savings by capturing and treating waste-water on site. The best part? A water purchase agreement provides financing over time-eliminating up-front capital investment.

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Download the WaterHub at Emory University Case Study

How It Works

Working together with a team of experts comprised of seasoned water industry veterans and world-class design engineers we utilize the world’s leading technologies to recycle water for heating, cooling and irrigation, bringing customers annual savings on operations costs year after year.

Our turnkey development services begin with comprehensive feasibility studies and continue through design, permitting, construction and operation.

Flexible by nature, each WaterHub is customized for our clients’ specific needs. Siting, architectural design, water quality and flow, reuse requirements and even aesthetics come into play during the design phase. By collaborating closely with clients, we provide the most innovative, impactful solution, with technology that has been proven through decades of successful implementation.

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