The biggest change you’ll notice is our business card.

Our vertical construction team has spent decades together building projects that enhance our communities, heighten our skyline and support the next generation of thought leaders.

Seeded by acquiring the strength of Potts Construction and its senior leadership, the foundation of our vertical construction team is deep and well-respected.

At Reeves Young you’ll get the clarity of vision, emphasis on total cost of ownership, straight-talk and kept promises our team has built their professional reputation on for over four decades.

And with our fleet of 100+ pieces of heavy equipment and cross-trained tradesmen, we have the ability to accelerate the site development phase of your project on a dime. With Reeves Young’s internal forces, rain and snow is no longer a show stopper.


From the beginning the message is clear: our Client’s best interest is Reeves Young’s focus. Some of Reeves Young clients have a lot of construction experience, some have very little. A transparent work environment with Clients, Consultants and Subcontractors- where Clients are walked through each stage of the building process – is important to us. We want our Clients to understand all aspects of their project and to have enough information to be confident in their decision making. While we have over half-a-century of experience, what really sets us apart from our peers is our ability to seamlessly assimilate within our Client’s teams.

We Have the Sharpest Preconstruction Pencil in the Business

How do you sharpen a pencil? In construction- slice it with a knife. Remove the extra, the excess, what’s not working—until you get to the functional core- and then make it sleek.

Function, aesthetics, and durability—Preconstruction is where the core project mission is discovered and refined within the framework of budget and schedule.

Leading the project team in strategy, Reeves Young will provide highly detailed, accurate cost information that illuminates how a decision in function affects aesthetics, or in budget affects durability, or in material affects schedule…  Refining and refining until the whole project becomes exactly what the Client needs, and wants.

Our collaborative approach asks the right questions, at the right time and eliminates unwelcome surprises.


Commercial construction is complex – including substantial risk, tight timelines, environmental requirements, and design that demands attention.

Every groundbreaking ceremony is a celebration. It’s during construction when relationships are tested.

Reeves Young strengthens relationships by applying our experience-earned foresight, preempting challenges, clearly communicating and by making the tough calls that keep the project, and the team, on track. Reeves Young is determined to maintain the groundbreaking enthusiasm throughout the construction process.

Our impeccable track record of success as a construction partner, from preconstruction through project close-out boils down to this: we do what we say we are going to do.

Beyond Construction

Reeves Young’s relationship with Clients isn’t over when construction ends. We know that once construction has wound down, the hard work of re-situating an organization begins. That’s why we help with that transition. We’re here to assist our clients with the next crucial steps in their organizations, including:

Systems Training

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are ever evolving in complexity and features. Often facility are unfamiliar with recently installed building systems. Reeves Young’s team coordinates in-process and post-installation systems tours to ensure facility staff can moderate the building’s comfort from day one.

Occupancy Coordination

Before occupying a new building IT/technology units must be installed and configured, basic supplies must be stocked, details such as room names, office occupant signs and small appliances must be purchased and installed. Reeves Young wants to make your transition into your new facility as seamless as possible. Your advance team will have access to critical areas so they may get a head start on making your operation run smoothly. Reeves Young will have skilled tradesman on stand-by to install shelving, coat hooks, bulletin boards, etc. as needed.

Media Event Planning and Coordination

Groundbreakings and dedications are important milestones in our Client’s lives and merit attention. The Reeves Young team will help your organization host a ceremony that aligns with your brand, internal goals and promotes your message to the community. We can guide Clients with event strategy, provide media content, create signage design, direct pre-event planning and supply day-of-event support. We also take your future marketing needs into consideration and can supply facility photography for print and digital use.

Organizational Support

As your organization expands, changes or contracts over its lifetime, Reeves Young is available to complete projects that are too large in scope for onsite maintenance staff but too small to bid. Because we are familiar with the original construction of your facility, we will be able to perform these smaller scale projects quickly and efficiently.

Check out a sampling of our commercial construction projects.