Project Description

Client: DeKalb County, GA
Location: Atlanta, GA

Seminole Road Landfill receives all the residential trash for the 713,000 residents of DeKalb County, GA. Reeves completed two projects for the landfill, years apart.

The first project included 4,200 linear feet of access road grading and paving, 84” and 96” diameter storm drain installation, customer drop of area improvements, a 7-acre storm water detention pond, office trailer, picnic shelter, vehicle tire wash, storage shed, site entranceway and landscaping.

Seven years later Reeves returned to develop two new landfill cells to receive trash. Reeves moved 1.6M cubic yards of soil to fill and level the 27-acre area. Reeves also installed 27-acres of landfill liner system for the cells and covered it with 2’ of sand.