Project Description

Project: New Hope Pressure Zone Improvements
Location:  Ellijay, Gilmer County, Georgia
Owner:  Ellijay – Gilmer County Water and Sewerage Authority

Upgrades to existing facility to increase drinking water storage capacity. Three components on three sites: pump station, concrete tank and metal storage tank.

  1. Roberts Ridge Booster Pump Station upgrades: replacing the existing pumps with a prefabricated, vertical multistage pump skid with a 500 gallon-per-minute capacity and all associated components.  Includes magnetic flow meter on the discharge piping inside of the existing building housing the booster pump skid and new 150 KW portable diesel generator.
  2. Existing Booster Pump Station on New Hope Road: new 44’ diameter, 325,000-gallon prestressed concrete water tank including an onsite prefabricated, 100 gallon-per-minute booster pump station with enclosure, approximately 2,500 linear feet of 10-inch water transmission main piping, and 850 LF of 6-inch water distribution piping.
  3. Rehabilitation of existing metal 160,000-gallon drinking water storage tank including: blast removal/ disposal of lead-based interior tank coating; repainting the tank interior and exterior. Also remove/ replace the tank vent pipe, access hatch, and interior tank support rods; extend the overflow pipe to the surface and install a flapper valve and screen; and install a safety climb system to the existing ladders.

New SCADA system for the Roberts Ridge BPS, Metal Storage Tank, and New Hope Tank.

Reeves Young is self-performing 70% of the work including sedimentation and erosion control, yard piping, process piping, electrical equipment installation and site work.