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In an industrial market that continues to grow rapidly, Reeves Young Industrial empowers its clients by providing a fully integrated team of construction professionals with self-perform capabilities and the technical expertise to deliver projects quickly, safely, and with quality to meet ever-increasing market demand.

A. Scott Emmons Water Reclamation Facility

The scope for this project consisted of constructing a new 1.25 MGD wastewater treatment plant in the Little River watershed. Preconstruction services included design and constructability reviews, cost estimating, value-engineering recommendations, and preparation of a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) proposal package. Construction services included CMAR procurement, construction and construction management, start-up, performance testing, commissioning, and operator training.

Camp Creek WRF Improvements

Reeves Young was selected as the builder for this project, consisting of furnishing and installing clarifier equipment and making concrete repairs to eight existing clarifiers; renovating the primary sludge pump station; replacing flow control gates; consolidating power feed, remote and local controls to four secondary clarifiers.

Forsyth WTP

This fast-tracked project consisted of the expansion of an existing plant to increase capacity and satisfy critical water needs. Reeves Young completed the expansion of membrane facility capacity in the existing membrane building, construction of a new high service pump station and associated electrical building, a new surge tank station and associated compressor building, a CO2 generator building and containment area, gravity thickener, gravity thickener feed pump station, and new thickened sludge pump building.

Riverbend Environmental Complex

This new, 0.5 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant on a 20.2 acre property consisted of screening, sequencing batch reactors, clarification, filtration, UV disinfection, post aeration, sludge holding, thickening and dewatering, plant drain pump station, chemical feed systems, a building rehabilitation, and electrical power distribution including standby generator, new SCADA system and two new lift stations. The Airport No. 1 Lift Station and Force Main consisted of replacement of pumps, starters and other equipment at the existing pump station and installation of 17,000 LF of a 12″ high density polyethylene pipe. Smithwick Creek Lift Station and Force Main consists of new submersible wastewater pump station and installation of approximately 15,000 LF of a 10″ high density polyethylene pipe, 2,300 LF of 24″ ductile iron pipe sanitary sewer and 1,300 LF of 8″ PVC sanitary sewer.

White Water Creek WPCP

Reeves Young was chosen to upgrade an existing 5.0 MGD wastewater facility, which included multiple project components like constructing new splitter boxes, clarifiers, RAW/WAS pump station, and converting existing sequencing batch reactor (SBR) to an A2O sewage treatment process. The project also required retrofitting existing tertiary filters, replacing digester process equipment, an existing belt press, and chemical feed equipment, as well as removing the conventional activated sludge (CAS) process from service.

Clear Creek Chemical System Improvements and System Wide Flow Monitoring

The main purpose of this project was to upgrade and improve the chemical systems at Clear Creek CSCF by replacing the four (4) NaCl (sodium hypochlorite) storage fiberglass tanks, replacing the pumps and piping systems to improve system process reliability, upgrading the Foxboro system, and rehabilitating the drum screens at Custer Avenue CSCF. Reeves Young also provided system wide flow monitoring improvements at various facilities including Clear Creek CSCF, North Avenue CSCF, Tanyard CSCF, WA WQCF, Cluster Avenue CSCF, Boulevard Regulator, and EA WQCF.