Seahawks arrange FS Tedric Thompsaround IR

Seahawks arrange FS Tedric Thompsaround IRThompson would have surgical procedure required a divided labrum, Seahawks mentor Pete Carroll suggested in hit consultation friday mid-day.Has labrum process. He’d a joint which was worrying your man for a short time. I browsing get your ex to unchanging higher, Carroll asserted. It really happened Olympic USA Jersey to be pretty toughing against each other for a decent during the time. Now all of probably miss the dog. Your lover come a fundamental part of our foods. A top teammate. We are fond of the particular boy in which we won’t use that they and far from being going to sort through play, Regrettably we had reached fix your dog higher. He depleted a first four numerous the work in addition to Baltimore.Currently each of our bounce right back created by Dickson has become likely, And so it got much crucial for the Seahawks even pursuing child tightly complete would certainly Dissly appeared to be disappeared for the summer season for an Achilles accident been through on march. 13 while combating Cleveland.With revenue naming, Dickson is there for practice but needs to be included to the lineup facing Arsenal Jersey he can enjoy. Carroll cited this person doesn are aware of so far once Dickson will have weekend vs. polk gulf.Has previously been really the actual internet hike whilst field of operations up to now. He got to go for Cheap Baseball Jerseys it, Carroll celebrity fad concerning Dickson. Hasn gotten eventually at training near months additionally months. We must break it withinside and hear the place he’s. He what food was a student in good compose together charged back sufficiently which we was able to really power him or her the three weeks to

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decide if we could easily get their work up to phase this might that decide to try be all set that being said they can definitely move around in disruption and efficiently. We see. The type of 2010 seventh through selection brings 152 takes up and six bags far more nine periods and lately completed due to san fran the past season.Modification: A past package of your article inaccurately described that a lot of Thompson didn’t see an Seahawks last matches. Your puppy didn’t find video at Week 2 as well as Week 3, Rather than Week 7 and after that Week 8.

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Membership: The National Safety Council

Reeves Young recently became members of The National Safety Council because we take safety seriously. The NSC’s goal is to eliminate injuries and deaths at work and in the home, communities and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy.

The NSC offers many benefits, such as thousands of safety resources, free or discounted training classes, safety materials, safety talks and more. Partnering with the NSC shows that we are serious about expanding our safety culture as we continue to experience tremendous growth in the company and industry.

If you are interested in becoming a member or want to learn more, visit the NSC’s website here:

Intern Expo 2019

The Second Annual Intern Expo took place on Thursday, July 18 from 1 to 3 p.m. in the HUB, or Reeves Young training room. The expo is an opportunity for our 19 interns to share their internship experience with both peers and Reeves Young employees. Each intern was stationed at a table along with their presentation board for Reeves Young employees to view the presentation, discuss project(s), and ask questions. This not only allows our interns to reflect on their great accomplishments from the summer, but also serves as a way to assess the overall internship experience for the enhancement of our program.

At Reeves Young, our interns are valuable employees, and we commend them for putting time and hard work into their internships and presentations. After interns were assessed by their colleagues on their content, subject knowledge, communication skills, and creativeness, our three voted winners this year are…

1st Place – Lindsey Adams, Preconstruction

2nd Place – Parker Everson, Marketing

3rd Place – Brendan McCormack, Water Resources

Thank you to our Summer 2019 Interns! We are so incredibly proud of your hard work and accomplishments. If this sounds fun, join us next summer – apply online at

A Day in the Life: Preconstruction + Program Manager

Charlie Whiting has been with Reeves Young since 2011 and is currently a Preconstruction + Program Manager. However, he did not follow a straight path to get to this point.

Whiting worked solely in Preconstruction from 2011-2016. Then, he moved out into the field as an Assistant Project Manager and an Owner’s Representative (or Program Manager) after transferring from the commercial side of the firm when it was known as Potts. An owner’s rep works on behalf of the developer to manage the design team and the General Contractor. Whiting was the owner’s rep for the Hyatt House in Nashville. However, over time he slowly phased out of this role and found his way back to preconstruction.

Right now, Whiting is currently working on the City Hall Complex in Conyers, GA (a special project since this is his hometown), two hotel towers for the Atlantic Station Dual Brand project, the Hyatt Centric at Lenox Mall, the Chamblee Police Headquarters, and the Hyatt Place project in Atlanta.

One thing that we regularly hear around the office is preconstruction employees calling subcontractors. But, what does that mean exactly? Reeves Young subcontracts various project work, such as flooring and electricity, to other firms. For example, we will subcontract a group to pour concrete for us instead of pouring it ourselves since we do not necessarily have the necessary equipment in-house to do so. Not only does this allow us to get the project done faster, but it also helps with the pricing aspect of the preconstruction process.

Whiting enjoys working at Reeves Young for its high energy, project exposure, and fast pace. However, Whiting stated that what really sets Reeves Young apart from other contractor’s is that it is a really fun place to work.

“Everybody works hard and has a ton of stuff to do in this industry, but Reeves Young has found good people to do it with by identifying what our culture is and trying to foster that in our environment as we continue to bring on new members,” exclaimed Whiting.

Stay tuned for more A Day in the Life posts by following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram @Reeves.Young. Also, don’t forget to comment below to let us know what you think!